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Zadar: what to see and experience?

Zadar, a city of rich and tumultuous history, one of the most beautiful Croatian cities. The largest city in northern Dalmatia is a popular destination for one-day excursions. What must you see and experience in Zadar? Find out in the continuation of this text.
The steps which sing and the evening light spectacle

If you happen to find yourself in the western part of the Zadar waterfront for the first time, your ears would prick up and you’d wonder - what is this strange sound? Where is it coming from?

This is the sea organ, ‘’steps’’ made from stone which ‘’sing’’ the sea’s song, the result of the inventiveness of the Zadar architect Nikola Bašić. He created an ‘’instrument’’ which produces tones thanks to the sea which fills the pipe system in the steps.

The sea organ will organise a concert for you in which the sea is both the conductor and the player

That same man is also responsible for the creation of yet another symbol of this city, the Greeting to the Sun. Next to the sea organ sits a unique glass board which, during and after the sunset, becomes a real spectacle.

In addition to the fact that the sunset is reflected in it, the Greeting to the Sun also becomes a lighting installation in the evening, which draws its ‘’power’’ directly from the source of life.

Wait for the sunset at the fascinating Greeting to the Sun

Monumental historical churches

Zadar Cathedral and the largest church in Dalmatia is the Cathedral of St. Anastasia. It was constructed in the 12th and 13th centuries on the foundations of early Christian buildings. In addition to its recognisable Romanesque facade and belfry, the interior of the cathedral is truly fascinating - stone columns, Gothic elements, a sarcophagus with the relics of St. Anastasia

Immerse yourself in the rich history of Zadar in the Church of St. Donat

In the vicinity of the cathedral lies the Church of St. Donat. This Middle Age construction from the 9th century is an interesting cylinder shape. This gives it exceptional acoustic characteristics and songs often resound from there. It was constructed on the remnants of a Roman forum, from which its monolithic columns originate.

A stroll around the lifeblood of the city

Kalelarga is the most well known street in Zadar. Those who understand Italian might understand that its name means ‘‘Wide street’’. For local people, this street is more than just a regular street - Kalelarga evokes memories of fun and getting together, their first love, and happy moments in them. Just how much it means to them is shown by the fact that a song with the same name was sung by Croatian singer Tomislav Ivčić.
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The belief is that it existed even before Zadar became a city with its name, during the reign of the powerful Roman Empire, or perhaps even before that. Kalelarga has been the lifeblood of Zadar for centuries and millennia. Here you will experience the best of any city.

Zadar is an exceptional destination for a half-day excursion from Camping Paklenica

Zadar is full of riches which await your arrival. Also there are Five Wells Square, the Land gate, the Monastery of St. Mary, the Rector’s Palace… We won’t reveal absolutely all of its secrets. We believe that you’ll be glad to discover them yourself.
In order for you to enjoy the benefits of the Croatian coast and the beauty of Zadar, let us know your desired dates and the number of people by calling +385 1 3844 288 or send us an email to We’ll send you a special offer as soon as possible.

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