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Camping with children

Mobile homes have become a big hit for families with children. In the mobile home, your family has full comfort.

Could it be better?
Of course. Your little pets are welcome in our camp, where it is very simple to take care of them.

1. Talk to children about camping

Talk to them about the benefits of camping in a mobile home. Show them photos of the camp, the pool in the camp, the children's playground. Encourage little adventurers and enjoy the photos of a Paklenica canyon whose entrance is located only 10 minutes walk from the camp.
Children easily make new friends, and friendships from the camp can last a lifetime.

You will enjoy camping with your family

2. To-do list

Prepare a to do list of things you need for camping. Let the children give you suggestions of what you might need on a family holiday. This will bring them joy!
They will be interested in their toys, clothes and beach equipment. If you are missing something, go shopping with the children. Let their enjoyment of camping begin even before arriving at sea.

3. Family packing

The day of packing is here. Days of enjoyment with your family are ahead of you. Packaging can be full of joy, so let the little ones get involved.

Traveling with children is sometimes a challenge. Prepare for a multi-hour trip that can be fun

4. Introducing the rules of the camp

When you arrive at the camp, take a walk to show them Bluesun camp Paklenica. You can give them a tour while making sure they are introduced to camp’s rules.

Swimming in the pools is great fun for the kids

5. Make a daily plan

Create a daily plan of children's activities. Let every moment be filled with fun and games.

Playground, children's park, table tennis, volleyball court

6.Children's duties

Children must not forget their household duties even on holiday. Depending on the child's age, give them tasks to perform.

7. Cooking or going to a restaurant (Tavern)

Everyone’s goal is that cooking doesn’t take a lot of time, so you can enjoy relaxing as much as possible. You can make a cooking plan even before you come to the sea so you don't waste time thinking about it.

In Bluesun Camp Paklenica you'll find Batela Tavern, where you can find local and other dishes for you to enjoy.

Mobile homes for the comfort of the whole family

8. Going to the beach

Going to the beach at the campsite is much more different than going from distant apartments. It includes a lot of accessories as inflatable toys, food, juices, but you can quickly return to the mobile home if you forget something.

9. Excursion

Plan at least one family excursion. Day trips are a great experience for the whole family. In our rich offer, find the most interesting excursions for you and your family. The camp is only 2km of the entrance of Paklenica National Park. Put on your sneakers, bring water and some food and go on an adventure with your children.

Explore 4 National parksZadar.
Experience Paklenica and get lifetime memories.
Children love nature, and when they see the canyon of Paklenica up close, and the occasional climber, it will leave a big impression on them.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

10. Swimming in the pool

Children love pools, sprinklers and slides. In the camp we have 2 pools with children's attractions (small children's slide, sprinkler) Free sun loungers and parasols are available by the pool.

For complete enjoyment by the pool is our tavern Batela, where you can find a variety of local and other dishes, as well as hot and cold drinks. Entrance to the pools is included in the price of accommodation.

11. Playground, sports, entertainment, beach, walk

Bring badminton rackets, balls, frisbees on your vacation. In the camp children can also play volleyball and table tennis in children’s playground. The beach of Camp Paklenica is very popular because it is family-friendly and has a crystal clear sea. Along the beach stretches a pine forest.

Just a few minutes from the camp, there is a center of Starigrad Paklenica. Enjoy a walk along the sea to the center, where there are often various events in the evening. Don't forget that you will spend a few coins on for a scoop of ice cream, without which a child's trip to the sea is unthinkable.

12. Pets

And what about 'Man's Best Friend'? The dog beach is only a 10 minute walk from the camp. Let them enjoy their vacation too. They will certainly be grateful to you, even though they can’t say it.

The dog beach is only a 10 minute walk from the camp

13. What if it rains?

Don't let that be a problem for you. With children you can enjoy board games, drawing, coloring or cooking some new food. The experiences from the camp remain for a lifetime. Memories are those that no one can take away from us and are worth a fortune. Create your own family memories where the mountain touches the sea and leaves you breathless.

Cooking some new delicious meals

Go on an adventure with your children at Camp Paklenica - without obligation send us the number of persons and the desired dates of arrival at +385 1 3844 288 or We will contact you as soon as possible with a special offer.
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